Positive Vibes For 2018

    2018-goals I do hope you all had a fantastic New Year and have set your goals for this year.  Whatever your goals are you must keep working at them and if things don’t go according to plan, use the experience as a way to push yourself forward.  I know from experience, that at times this can seem impossible, but you can do it.  I have been busy trying to sort out my writing den, but like most things it is taking longer than expected.  The area I have declared as mine has been used as a dumping site and I need to find new homes for things and throw a lot of things out.  It really is amazing how much clutter accumulates, even over a short period of time.  I am sure that my den was almost clear in November – so I really don’t know what has happened.

     My daughter, Phoenix, went back to school on Monday, so I am well in the swing2083282-Truman-Capote-Quote-Good-writing-is-rewriting of my new routine.  I have returned to working on my second novel, Survival At Any Cost, and hope that over the next couple of weeks I will confirm when it will be released.  When I first returned to it, I found that Doctor Paul Ramsay from one of my other projects, Fierce Revengekept coming into my head.  It is definitely a sign that he is a strong character, but he will have to wait his turn.  At the moment it is Joe and Chloe Carter’s turn.  Now I have started re-writing, Survival At Any Cost, from the beginning again, and set myself daily targets which seems to be working out well for me. Joe and Chloe Carter certainly have a number of dilemmas that have to be resolved.  Whilst writing I try very hard to stay away from my phone, especially social media.  I usually leave social media for when I have a break, otherwise nothing would get done.

     As you all know I am definitely not a whizz kid on computers, and yesterday my computer decided to have a mind of its own and wouldn’t let me open it or shut it.  I was so frustrated because I was so geared up for working on my next novel and writing my blog.  I do need a new computer but will have to sell some more copies of A Few Bad Boys before that can happen.  It is still available free on Kindle Unlimited, so click this link to get your copy.

     Slowly, I feel like I am getting more organised.  I was under the impression that writing a novel and publishing it was the hard part of an author’s world but I was very wrong.  There is so much other work involved, for example, marketing, social media, blogs, my accounts with Goodreads, Amazon and Facebook.  I have started reviewing my author page on Goodreads and would love it if some of you would reading_challenge_badge-0f31716ab90add103cd6c783646c601cfollow me there Nicole*.  I still have some work to do on it but I am getting there.  I have entered the Goodreads 2018 reading challenge and want to read 50 books this year.  Now that I have a Kindle Paperwhite there should be no stopping me.

     I am currently reading ‘Murder on the Oxford Canal’ by Faith Martin.  It took me a while to get into it, but that is probably because it is the first book I have started reading on my Kindle.  I do still love reading paperbacks but my Kindle has definitely opened more doors to me.  Although I can, and have, read books in Spanish, I prefer to read in English andCquJgCNXgAEeAmI trying to get English books in shops near where I live is very difficult.  I do miss going into book shops in England.  There is something magical about book shops and I used to spend hours in them.  Sadly, when I moved house, I had to let most of my books go because of space.  I am determined that this year I will have a proper bookshelf again but I am not sure how it will fit in my den yet.

     One of my biggest resolutions this year is to be even more organised and to stay on top of every aspect of my writing journey.  I love reading and I love writing so, naturally, I should spend as much time as possible on these activities.  One piece of advice that I give to any aspiring authors is to write and read daily.

     On that note I can hear Joe and Chloe Carter calling me to guide them through Survival At Any Cost.

Until next time – keep chasing your dreams!



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