Busy is an understatement for me but I am determined to reach all my goals.  The writing part of Author Marketing Secret’s challenge has been completed.  I pledged to write 55,000 words in the first 30 days of April and am pleased to say I made it.  My first crime detective novel, Dead Eyes, is beginning to look like a book.  It is by no stretch ofNicole-page-001 the imagination ready to go to print but it is well on the way.  I know that there are a couple of parts that I can improve, which is what I will do next, then I will move on to the serious editing.  In Dead Eyes, I introduce Detective Ellen Knight, who is a very strong character.  She is passionate about her job but also loves her two daughter’s dearly.

     The next part of this challenge begins on the 10th of April.  The aim of the second phase, the marketing phase, is to build an e-mail list.  Prior to the starting date, I am trying to sort out my e-mail service provider and link it to my landing page.  This should be fun since I am not techie at all.  I am still working on my newsletter which I hope you will find exciting and helpful when the first edition is published.  It is not just about writing and designing one newsletter, it’s also about planning future issues that can be time consuming.

     I have been featured in and in, Expats in Spain April 2018 edition Link to page – my hard work is beginning to pay off.  For me, the hardest part of writing is the marketing side.  There has, and still is, a lot for me to learn but I am trying to take it all in my stride.

     On my writing journey I have met some wonderful people.  There are numerous WHW-Logo1 (1)groups on social media that connect authors to readers and there are groups designed for writers.  By connecting with readers I find out what they want and what they dislike in books.  When writers connect, they help each other reach the next step of their writing.  I love it when I actually help someone reach their goal and for me, that doesn’t just mean in their writing.  Writing, just like any other job or career, needs consistency, motivation and a lot of determination.

     My Goodreads reading challenge is coming along nicely.  I have finished reading ‘The Widow’ by Liz Fenton and ‘I Know Where You Live’ by Pat Young, both of which I found enjoyable.  I am currently reading, ‘The Memory of Snow’ by Kirsty Ferry and ‘Relative Terror’ by R. E. Sargent.  I had planned to start reading, ‘Relative Terror’ last night but I could not resist my curiosity and began it during the afternoon.  I had to be prised off it so I could get some work done – that’s a good sign for a book!  I am also reading a Spanish poetry book, ‘Alma Secreta’ by M. A. Fernández.  Some of the poetry book I am reading with my daughter, Phoenix.  As mentioned before, Phoenix has dyslexia, so it is vital that I help her wherever I can and make learning fun.  When this poetry book came to my attention, I thought it was a good way to involve her.

     I know that I have many projects on my plate now but I am trying to re-organize my schedule so that I get everything done without compromising quality.  I love being busy but I also love being organized.  I am very fortunate to live in Spain but the only downside is when friends come to visit, they often forget that I am not on holiday.  My deadlines still have to be met and I can’t put things off otherwise my schedule is useless – I do try and work around those visitors that mean the most to me, but I have to read and write daily.

     I think my friends are beginning to realise how much work goes into writing a book.  Many of them thought that it was a great achievement when I published, A Few Bad Boys, but they didn’t seem to understand that writing a book is not just aboutMollys-Determination-768x614 writing, it is so much more.  Once the book is written – don’t forget about all the research and planning that is done before – it has to be edited, corrected  (more than once)  sent to Beta readers, possibly changed a bit more, marketed, cover designed, formatted, book trailers, published as a digital book and a paperback, book tours, interviews, more marketing – whilst writing another novel.  This list is by no means complete, but it gives you an idea of how much work goes into getting a book to its readers.  With all this in mind, I had better get back to my schedule.  Motivation, determination, consistency and perseverance lead to success.

Until next time – keep chasing your dreams!




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