I Did It!

     I am so pleased that I managed to complete NaNoWriMo  (National Novel Writing Month) this year.  NaNo-2017-Winner-Certificate-1I was very late starting my project, Fierce Revenge, and on the final day, my daughter Phoenix ended up in hospital.  Once we finally got home and I got everyone settled, there were only a few hours to go until the deadline.  With only 1,300 words to go, I had to go for it.  Despite being exhausted, and nearly falling asleep at the keyboard, I did it.  When I hit the target of 50,000 words I felt not only relieved, but also quite proud of myself.  With enough determination, you can do anything that you set your mind to.

     My only regret with NaNoWriMoimg_2817 this year, is that I didn’t get as active in the NaNoWriMo community.  I had so much going on, including visitors and illness, but next year I will plan my November more carefully.  Through the challenge, in previous years, I have met some wonderful people and we support each other.  We all have a common goal and interest and try to keep up the momentum.  We give each other advice and help those who hit the dreaded, ‘writer’s block’.  I feel so happy when others cross the finish line.  It is a very tough goal to reach and some of my writing friends didn’t manage to finish, but at least they made a start at a new project.

     My project this year, Fierce Revenge, took me on a wonderful journey and I have noticed how my writing has developed, even under pressure.  Fierce Revenge still has a lot of work to be done on it, but I will put it to one side, until I have finished my second novel, Survival At Any Cost.  I have been asked by numerous people to write a sequel to my debut novel, A Few Bad Boys.  I am sure that there will be a sequel, but at this moment, I am not sure when it will happen.

     Writing a novel is not easy and it7975313_orig does take an enormous amount of time.  When you finally write, ‘The End’, at the bottom of the novel, it is a huge relief, but then you remember that it is the first draft.  You then have to face more research, the re-writes and the edits, get it published and market it.  Like everything in life, if you want to achieve something, you have to work hard.  Although it has taken me a long time to get published, I have enjoyed my writing journey so far, and am really looking forward to all the future adventures that I will have.  It amazes me how attatched I have become to some of my characters in my novels.

     I have SummerReadingBannerdecided that from now until after the 6th January  (The Three Kings, here in Spain)  I will focus on improving my author pages etc, make a plan for 2018, and finalise my book trailer for A Few Bad Boys.  I also want to read more.  I love reading but it has had to be put to one side quite often this year.  Finding a way to rectify the situation is a priority to me, since I feel that I am missing out.  I also find that reading helps me relax.  There are so many books out there that I want to read, but I find it hard to decide where to begin.  If you are looking for Christmas presents for readers, you could get them my debut novel, by clicking this link A Few Bad Boys.

Until next time – keep chasing your dreams!


Don’t Panic!

     NaNoWriMo_blogsize_0For those of you that were expecting a blog from me last week, I do apologise but unforseen circumstances arose.  If you follow my blog you will already know that I have entered NaNoWriMo this year,  the National Novel Writing Month.  During the month of November writers around the world participate in this event and try to write 50,000 words within the month.

     My project this year is called Fierce Revenge.  This year I have found it extremely difficult to find time to dedicate to it. Write-people-writing-clipart-kid I have managed to start Fierce Revenge, and I am enjoying the time I do find, but whether or not I will be able to reach 50,000 by the end of the month, remains to be seen.  Looking at my current word count I feel that I may need a miracle to complete the challenge but I haven’t given up yet.  I can see that for rest of this month I will be getting up even earlier than I do already,  (if that’s possible), but it has to be done if I have any chance of reaching the goal of 50,000 words.  If I don’t complete the challenge I will be disappointed because I have completed it for the previous five years, but it won’t be the end of the world.  Whatever I manage to complete will be a very good start for Fierce Revenge.

     I find starting a new project to be really exciting and I love the story that is developing in Fierce Revenge.  When I do find time to write this project I don’t want to stop and I really hope that when it isevolution complete, and when you read Fierce Revenge, you will feel the same and not want to put it down.  Of course this is just the first draft that I am working on at the moment so it will be quite some time before it is published.

     The next novel that I will publish will be Survival At Any Cost.  It is so close to being complete but there are a couple of sections that I think need changing.  I had hoped that it would be published before the end of the year, but I would have to really rush it, and that would result in it not reaching its full potential.  It is far better to release it a little later than planned so that you, my readers, have a great book to read.

     My debut novel, A Few Bad Boys, has exceeded my expectations and I feel a great sense of achievement.  I have noticed that my writing is developing every day and I write with more confidence and conviction.  IshouldbewritingWriting is like everything else, the more you do it, the better you get.  A writer really needs to know their characters because if they don’t, neither will their readers.  I really breathed Lucy Fratelli from A Few Bad Boys whilst I was writing it, and I am falling in love with Doctor Paul Ramsay from Fierce Revenge.

     On that note I can hear Doctor Paul Ramsay calling me to guide him through the next chapter of Fierce Revenge.


Until next time – keep chasing your dreams!





     New Year Focus I have to confess that, recently, I have not contributed as much as I would have liked to towards my writing journey.  We have had a constant stream of visitors, including my son James, which has been brilliant but now it is time to get back to hard work and focus.

      Some of you may be wondering what the title of this blog means.  It is November, which means that it is National Novel Writing Month  (NaNoWriMo).  This is the month where writers try to write 50,000 words.  It is not easy and can be quite stressful but it is also fun nanowrimo-508x300and a great way to crack out a first draft.  This is the 6th time I have entered and I am hoping to keep my track record of always completing it.  My debut novel, A Few Bad Boys, began as a NaNoWriMo project.  This years entry is called, ‘Fierce Revenge’ and I am planning to start it later today or tomorrow.  I am trying not to get stressed out that I am already behind on my word count.  I find it really exciting when I start writing a new book.  I enter a different world with my adrenelin pumping and raring to go.  Although I know where the book is going, I wonder what journeys the detours will take me on.

      I have managed to get my next novel, ‘Survival At Any Cost’ to a stage where I felt happy to leave it until after NaNoWriMo.  Although I am disappointed that I didn’t manage to release it before NaNoWriMo, I am not looking on it as a setback but as an opportunity to improve it.  I have learnt that you cannot hurry the different stages of writing a book.

     I am surprised at the amount of work there is to do after publishing a novel.  I had thought that writing a novel and gettting it published was the hard part but I was wrong.  I am still working on building my author platform and still marketing my debut novel, A Few Bad Boys.  James is going to try and sort out the book trailer I have been working on and I am contemplating a book tour next year.  If you havewrite-a-reveiw1 already read it please leave a review, either here, on Amazon, on Goodreads or anywhere else you can think of.  If you haven’t read it, it is available on Amazon as a kindle and a paperback.  You can get it by following this link.

  A Few Bad Boys

Yesterday I was contacted by someone who had read my book and they told me how much they loved it.  It is a fantastic feeling when something that you have worked on is appreciated.

On that happy note I will end this blog and start writing, ‘Fierce Revenge’

Until next time – keep chasing your dreams!




Never Give Up

      I must stop being so hard on myself!  I set myself targets relating to my writing, but don’t always allocate enough time for them to be achieved.  When I don’t reach my personal AAEAAQAAAAAAAAeqAAAAJGE3MTBiMzc0LTM0MTQtNDY2Ni1iODdlLWJhMGFkNjg2MjQxMQdeadlines, I tend to get extremely annoyed with myself.  I have finally realised that getting annoyed with myself is so counter productive because I then waste time on being annoyed instead of completing my targets.  I know how long it takes to write a book and I knew that I would have to put in a lot of work to market my first novel, but I didn’t realise how much.  I have recently felt that trying to market my first novel whilst trying to complete my second novel, is an impossible task and I have even contemplated giving up.  Then I remember that I am not a quitter!

      I have taken a long look in the mirror and asked myself, new7_3‘Why do I write?’  I write because I enjoy it and it enables me to enter a creative world.  With this in mind, writing should never be a cause of stress in my life.  I have a great need to write something daily, it’s my calling.  Recently I have not written as much as I would have liked because I spend so much time marketing my first novel.  I appreciate that I have had to learn, and still am learning, everything about self publishing, but I really didn’t realise how difficult it would be.  I am sure that the more I learn the easier this journey will become.  In my last blog I said that I was aiming to complete my second novel, Survival At Any Cost, by the end of October, so that it could go to my beta readers in November.  I feel that this target may now not be achievable since my son James is coming to visit me from Norway on Monday.  Naturally, I want to spend as much time with him as possible.  Obviously writing will be done whilst he is here, but probably not enough to complete ‘Survival At Any Cost’.

      I ami-love-writing currently planning a book trailer for ‘A Few Bad Boys’ and am hoping that James will be able to help me complete it because he is brilliant at things like that.  He will no doubt tidy up my computer for me and hopefully get me a little more organised.  Over the years he has realised that I am not very good with computers.  He was amazed when I set up my own Facebook account, without help, some years ago.

      ‘Survival At Any Cost’ is coming on really well.  I have re-written the beginning of the book completely and am a lot happier with it.  My main concern at the moment is if I should kill someone off or not.  I won’t be able to tell you what I decide to do since I wouldn’t want to spoil the book for you.

      I am through with putting unnecessary richardbach1-2xpressure on myself!  I will continue to write daily and if that eats into the time I have allocated for marketing, I will have to accept it.  A number of people have suggested that I get an agent but finding one will take up even more of my writing time.  If any agents happen to read this blog, please feel free to give me a nudge.

Until next time – keep chasing your dreams!



Decision Time

    The last couple of weeks I have not only had chronic back pain but also went down with impetigo – yes I thought only children could catch it and that nowadays it is very rare. 145855-too-many-things-to-do Needless to say this has hindered my writing journey, which has really annoyed me.  I am a positive person and believe things happen for a reason, although sometimes it hard to find the reason, and have realised that getting annoyed isn’t going to help me progress.  Being annoyed only stresses me out and wastes even more time.

    I have decided that the best way forward is to re-schedule when I launch my second novel, Survival At Any Cost.  I had hoped to launch it this October but I don’t want to cut corners, or put pressure on others, especially my beta readers.  I know I can improve certain areas and this is what I am going to do along with choosing its cover.  I hope that this will be completed before the end of this month, since next month is NaNoWriMo  (National Novel Writing Month).

    Some of you may already be familiar with nano-symbolthis event, but for those that aren’t, the idea is for participants to write 50,000 words in the month.  It is a difficult project but it can be done and it can be lot of fun.  Anybody can participate and it is free to join, so if any of you think you want to write a novel, I suggest that you give it a go.  Even if you don’t reach the 50,000 word target, you will have at least started it.  If you are interested, pop over to their website for more information, https://nanowrimo.org.

    I have a number of ideas for future novels and hope to make my final decision about which one to dedicate to this event this week.  My debut novel, A Few Bad Boys, was born by participating in this wonderful event and the novel I am currently writing, Survival At Any Cost, also began there.  There are also various groups on the internet that you can join to get some moral support with your writing.  If you are interested in joining a group, please feel free to contact me.

    For those of you that were hoping that Survival At Any Cost would be released in October, I am sure that the wait will be worth it.  The characters will be stronger and the plot will be more powerful.  I get excited thinking about it and can’t wait to hear your views.  I think being out of action for a couple of weeks has made me realise that it deserves more of my attention.

    I have always loved books and it is important, as an author, not only to write but also to read a lot. CsgQWd355i_1410284363291 I love reading books from a wide range of genres.  Recently, someone told me about the Norwegian author Jo Nesbo, so I thought I would read one of his books  (in English, I hasten to add).  I have almost finished reading The Devil’s Star, which I have found quite gripping.  Although it hasn’t caused a problem, I wish I was reading his books in order.  He is a mystery crime writer, and The Devil’s Star is part of a series that evolves around a detective called Harry Hole.  Although we are both crime writers, we both have very different styles.  So once you have read, A Few Bad Boys, if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend novels by Jo Nesbo.  Jo Nesbo has a lot of other talents.  He has written other novels and a series of children’s books.  bookshelf-hillSome of his books have led to TV series and films.  He is also a talented singer and songwriter and used to play football, until an injury put a stop to it.

    I am trying to make up my mind which book to read next – there are just so many out there and not enough time.

Until next time – keep chasing your dreams!




    When you love doing something, for example in my case writing, you may think that it is impossible not to have inspiration continuously.Wake-up-and-smell-the-inspiration-quote-5  If you fall into this category, you are wrong.  We all have days when we feel that our efforts aren’t recognised or days that we feel so drained that we don’t even want to get out of bed.  It is at these moments that you have to push yourself harder and remind yourself that you can achieve what ever you set your mind too.  You need to get motivated and let the inspiration flow.

    I start nearly every morning with doing some yoga and various other exercises.20170913_083601  The yoga helps me clear my head and the other exercises are to get me back into shape after a summer of eating a ridiculous number of ice creams.  Last week I started going to physiotherapy for an hour an a half twice a week, which is not only exhausting and at times painful, but also time consuming.  Some of the exercises I have been taught, I have now incorporated in to my morning routine at home, so I have to get up even earlier!

    I then take my daughter, Phoenix, to school and then go for a pleasant walk along the promenade with our Lhasa Apso, Tinkerbell.  It is an energising feeling breathing in the sea air, listening to the waves lapping against the shore and watching the sunrise.  Whilst out walking I try to consider my writing plan of action for the day, but I am only human, so other thoughts occasionally race through my mind that have absolutely nothing to do with writing.  Sometimes I also come up with other ideas for future books and wonder if I will ever have time to write them all.

    I am truly fortunate to live so close to the Mediterranean Sea and various mountain ranges.  I appreciate that we don’t all have this opportunity. 20170919_080542 Some of you may live near other oceans, seas, lakes or mountains and I think it important to get out there with nature and feel the energy around you.  Even if you live in a city or town, a walk by a river or in a park can have the same energising effect.  I value my morning walks immensely and feel inspired after having one.  A good start in the morning sets me up for the day ahead.

    My current project is my second novel, Survival At Any Cost, which I am aiming to release in October.  Although it is coming along nicely, there are some parts that I am still not happy with and want to alter, again.  Along side this project, I still have to continue marketing my debut novel, A Few Bad Boys, keep developing my author platform and produce a book trailer.  This whole experience of becoming a published has been fantastic but it has been far from stress free.  At times I don’t feel that there are enough hours in the day and feel overwhelmed with the amount of work, but getting stressedd93c3350ce5ee772b67a505b8c0c5bd6--second-life-small-business-from-home out about it doesn’t get it done.  I am sure many of you have felt the same at some point.  If things get too overwhelming it is ok to take a break.  A lot more can be achieved and you will feel more inspired, if you try to detatch yourself from the task in question for a while, and then approach it with a fresh and more inspired mind.

    At times I get quite impatient with myself because, as I have said in a previous blog, I am not tech-savvy.  I am learning all the time, but in my mind, not quickly enough.  Building a web-site and having a regular blog, along with the various forms of social media, needs knowledge and takes time.  Like with almost everything, once you know how to do something it should get easier and take less time.

    I am happy with the response I have had to my debut novel, A Few Bad Boys.  One of my daughter’s teachers told me that he thought that it was brilliant and thinks that it should be madefilm_analysis into a film and would like to read a sequel to it.  He seemed disappointed that my next novel, Survival At Any Cost, is not the sequel to, A Few Bad Boys.  A number of people have given me the same reaction regarding writing a sequel and turning it into a film, which is very encouraging and inspiring.

    I am a great believer in trying your hardest in every field you encounter, whether it’s work, career, family, health issues or hobbies etc.  Whatever your true passion is, I know that you can find inspiration by opening your eyes and being aware of your surroundings.  It is also important to believe in yourself and know that you can reach any goal that you set yourself.  I hope that this blog gives you some more inspiration.

Until next time – keep chasing your dreams!




   Many youngsters around the world have already returned to school, but here in Spain my daughter, Phoenix, returns on Monday.  back-to-school-first-dayShe is really looking forward to the new school year which is a relief, since after beginning secondary school, her enthusiasm for school deteriorated.  Since I love reading and writing, I have always encouraged and helped both of my children with every aspect of their education, and when they were young, always read them a bedtime story.

    My son, James, learnt to read rapidly and was ahead of his friends when he started school.  Phoenix was a different story and reading was a major problem.409831  At first I tried hard not to compare her to James because all children develop at different speeds.  I encouraged her daily and tried not to draw too much attention to her level of reading.  It was when she began school that the depth of her problem was revealed and I thought that she might have dyslexia.  Eventually she was diagnosed with dyslexia and did receive some extra help.  When she progressed to high school, gradually her enthusiasm for school faded, due to being belittled for having dyslexia.  Some teachers would force her to read aloud in class, which led to her being laughed at by her peers, which reduced her self esteem.  Although she did receive some extra help, her teacher thought she should not be in a mainstream class.  This would have been disastrous for Phoenix, not only at the present time, but also her whole future would be at stake.  I took drastic measures and changed her school.  I am so impressed how Phoenix excelled last year at her new school and although she still requires extra help, her confidence has returned, her grades have improved dramatically and she even talks about career opportunities for the future.

    Dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence.  Phoenix is exceedingly bright and very clever.  In her previous school, she was told that she was not trying hard enough, which wasn’t always true. dyslexia-295x300 If you can’t read something, how can you possible answer the questions?  Exams have always caused Phoenix problems.  I would help her revise and ask her questions at home and she would get them correct but when it came to taking the exam, she would forget everything and even become physically ill.  Gradually, taking exams is improving.  Phoenix does excell with projects and learns from experiments and demonstations.  Although her reading has improved she still has problems with comprehension.

    Dyslexia can also create problems with telling the time and organisation, which has affected Phoenix.  To help Phoenix, she has a white-board in her room where we list all her school assigments, when they are due to be finished, when she has exams etc.  mindI find that the more organised she is, the better she copes with dyslexia.  When Phoenix was younger, I used to write names of household objects on stickers and place them on the corresponding items.  There are many ways to help youngsters with dyslexia and dyslexia is definitely not the end of the road.  Many famous people have dyslexia and have gone on to achieve great things, for example, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Henry Winkler, Muhammad Ali, F.Scott Fitzgerald and the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg.  The list of famous people with dyslexia is endless, but it shows that dyslexia has not stopped them achieving their goals.

    There are many more signs that could mean a child has dyslexia and naturally, the earlier it is detected the better.  I have read so much about dyslexia, to enable me to understand it and be in a stronger position to help my daughter.  Phoenix has struggled, and still is struggling, but she is now developing her own personal goals and her confidence has returned. 5628abb46120c834c379d085a529eb52--positive-characteristics-dyslexia-quotes Dyslexia is frustrating and emotionally painful.  Thankfully it is now recognised and there is not such a big stigma attached to it.  All parents should encourage their children to read, write and study – if you have a child with dyslexia, you just have to try harder and be extra patient.

I know how worrying it is when you think that your child has dyslexia and when it is diagnosed, so if you have any questions about dyslexia, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



                                                                           Until next time – keep chasing your dreams!




     I have received a number of messages recently about how people, who are not full time authors with an office away from home, find time to write.  There is no single answer to this since everyone’s situation is different. 410958 Whether you are a stay at home parent or go to another place to work, if you really want to write, you will find the time.  I have found that it is all down to organisation and being focused.  It is also very important to set yourself realistic goals.  It is not easy to write 2,500 words daily, so don’t set yourself that kind of target.  You may only have time to write 250 words a day  (or less).  Set yourself a small target and reach it.  Once you have established a routine for when you write, you may feel that you can increase your target.  The most important thing is that you enjoy the time that you spend writing and whatever happens, if you don’t reach your target, don’t beat yourself up because there is another day.  Any words you write are an achievement and a step closer to completing your novel.

     Be warned, if you write at home, you will get interrupted, unless you do it whilst the rest of your household are asleep or out and even then there’s no guarantee.  Interruptions will occur and you mustn’t get stressed out about it.  It has happened to me, more times than I can count, and I have finally realised that there is no point getting upset since more precious time gets wasted.  stressedWhilst writing this blog, my daughter, Phoenix, asked me for something and I had to take a few deep breaths.  My son, James, is currently a DJ in Norway and he video calls me numerous times a day, which I love, but inevitable the calls do, at times clash, with my writing – that just happened!

     You must get all aspects of your life balanced.  It is so important to spend quality time with your family and friends and this is not negotiable.  I find that I write better and quicker when I have spent real quality time with my family and friends.  When James visits, I spend as much time as possible with him and at the moment Phoenix is still on her twelve and a half week school holiday and we have done loads together and there is still more to do.  I can hear you ask, has my writing suffered?  I don’t think it has. a40659bc7fcfcc9db0e1f99342ecabd6_1462218180_cropped I may have had to juggle more  (if that is possible), when I write or do writing related activities.  Since I recently published my debut novel, A Few Bad Boys, I naturally have to market it, which is very time consuming.  I am still cracking on nicely with my second novel, Survival At Any Cost and I am blogging, fortnightly at the moment.  My brain is constantly thinking about my writing projects.  On my birthday I went to my favourite restaurant and sold a signed copy of my book to the restaurant owner.  When I am on the beach I scribble down ideas or use my dictaphone, if I am waiting for an appointment I update my social media, when I exercise I plot stories in my head etc. etc.

     If writing is what you really want to do, whether it part time, full time or as a hobby you must ensure the other areas of your life are balanced.  Once you achieve this, everything in your life will improve and you will feel happier about your writing goals and aspirations.

     I hope this helps you etastablish a routine that fits in with your lifestyle and that you now have an achievable word count that you are happy with.  Remember, writing is meant to be enjoyable for you, so allow yourself the time to write and never give up.

     If you have any queries about anything, or have an idea for a topic that you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Until next time keep chasing your dreams!




The Journey Has Just Begun

      Sitting on the beach, looking at the ocean, listening to the waves lap and breathing in the sea air, it is impossible not to feel inspired.  I love the ocean and cannot imagine living very far from it.  For me, the ocean helps me relax and also helps me focus on any issues that I am dealing with, whether it is writing or personal.

      20170608_154859Today I am here to move forward with my blog.  I am hoping that my blogs will help others to achieve their own goals, in any field.

      For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to write and publish a novel, but have always had excuses not to – does that sound familiar?  Excuses have ranged from lack of time, lack of inspiration, heath problems, bereavement, personal matters, lack of confidence – the list is endless and I know that many of you know where I am coming from.

      Writing a novel is not easy, editing is grueling, publishing is a world of its own and then there is the concept of marketing.  All these things take time and energy and each phase has its own hazards and difficulties, which have to be dealt with accordingly.  I am definitely not teck-savvy, and on many occasions my laptop, and any other devices that I use daily, have nearly met a watery grave, but I have persevered and the gadgets have survived.

      I am a great believer that whatever deck of cards you are dealt in life, it is up to you to make the most of them.  I have endured some very dark experiences, but I have so many wonderful experiences too.  I have made bad choices and I have made good choices – that is life.  The important issue is to learn from each event and be strong and committed to reaching your goals.  I am a normal person, who has followed her passion to write a novel.  This mindset can be used to reach any goal.

      My husband died in 2011 in an accident, leaving me and my two children in quite a mess  (understatement).  I had to fight to survive and keep a roof over our heads and there was no way my children and I were going back to England.  My daughter, Phoenix, was born here in Spain and my son, James, was very young when I decided to move to this wonderful country.

      After I had got over the initial shock of my husbands death and had tried to get some normality back into mine and my children’s lives, I found Facebook.  Even James was surprised that I managed to set up my own account without help!  After adding some people that I already knew to my account, I decided to look at some writing groups.  I have made some wonderful friends in these groups and they have encouraged me with my writing goals, and they still do.  Many of them say that I have been an inspiration to them  – a huge thank you to all my writing buddies.  It was through this kind group of people that I found out about NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month.  The idea is to write 50 thousand words in November.  At first I though this was impossible but I participated for the first time in November 2012 and I completed the challenge, which made me feel brilliant.  I am not saying that it wasn’t hard work, because it was, and there were a number of sleepless nights.  This is where the seeds to my debut novel, A Few Bad Boys, were first planted.

      I have participated in NaNoWriMo every year since, with new projects, but last year, 2016, I decided to complete A Few Bad Boys.  It was a wonderful feeling when I wrote the words, ‘The End’ – little did I know – there was still so much work to do.  I battled on with my project and eventually it was ready to send to others to read, so they could comment on it, give advice and correct any spelling mistakes that I may have missed.  When I received my book back, I made the necessary adjustments and thought I was ready to publish.  I contacted a friend, who is like the master of self publishing, and he kindly guided me through all the stages of self publishing and even formatted my novel so I could upload it to KDP.  My daughter helped me to design a cover and my partner, Trond, helped me format the cover and the interior, for the paperback version.  Before I knew it, A Few Bad Boys was live to buy on Amazon.  It was a feeling of extreme success to achieve this.  I have learnt a lot during this time and am using my my knew knowledge to improve future projects.

      I have been asked to write a sequel to A Few Bad Boys but I am currently working on another crime novel, Survival At Any Cost,20170809_200042 which I am hoping to release in October.

      I hope that you have enjoyed reading this first blog and will accompany me on this journey.  If you have any queries about anything, or have an idea for a topic you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Until next time keep chasing your dreams!